inglourious-babes asked:

I don't have many followers in Glasgow, but I live there and I was wondering if you could maybe tell your followers to stay out of the city center?? It's getting terrifying and violent towards Yes voters and we need to keep everyone safe.

ayeforscotland answered:

Heads up everyone. Apparently it’s getting nasty. Any info?

Guys it’s not worth it, heads up people!!
We are much better than fighting, keep the light alive…
#Freedom for Scotland!


chompyfrank asked:

You following what's going down in George Sq? Orange Order/SDL types close to rioting... Victory rioting.

oh-glasgow answered:

Scumbags with Union Flags making Nazi salutes in front of a war memorial in George Square. Now THAT is nationalism.

So we have the Yes campaigners there all week, a cause for celebration and hope… and as soon as No win, the ugly side comes out do this. Pathetic. Utterly pathetic.


rachelshade asked:

The idiots in George Square are reportedly burning Saltires, too... Makes my heart very heavy. :C

oh-glasgow answered:

I saw a video on Facebook where one of the knuckle-draggers was shouting at a Yes man “Nationalist scum!” all the while waving a Union Flag. He also used the word “poofter” as well. Classic, haven’t heard that one for a while.

And this sort of behaviour is so very, very pathetic. They are the very worst of the worst.